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SMS Money – How Does Their Account Credit Work?

Capital Lender is run by Astro Finance, which is based in Uppsala. The Capital Lender brand was founded in 2007 and initially offered mobile loans to private individuals. Today, you only have an account credit with loan amounts between $ 1,000 – 30,000. Account credit with Capital Lender is classified as a high-cost credit in accordance with the new provisions of the Consumer Credit Act on September 1, 2018.

How does Smp Money work?

How does Smp Money work?

An account credit works like a virtual credit card. When applying for a loan, you specify the desired credit limit and then you choose how much you want to pay, provided you are granted the loan. Smpengar does not use UC in its credit assessment, but instead uses Cream Bank to do its credit information.

When you have an account credit this means that you can borrow up to your credit limit several times without having to perform a new credit check. When the amount withdrawn is repaid, you can immediately borrow the money again. The amount you have used from the credit you pay interest and fees for. It does not cost to have the credit as long as you have not made any withdrawals.

What does it take to borrow from Capital Lender?

What does it take to borrow from Capital Lender?

  • Approved by the credit check Capital Lender performs
  • Be between 18 – 72 years old
  • Declared income in Sweden for the past two years. How much you need to earn depends on the credit limit you have applied for
  • No payment remarks
  • No active cases at Best Bank
  • Registered in Sweden for the past five years
  • Swedish bank account that belongs to you
  • Personal email address
  • Personal mobile number
  • Ability to identify yourself with Mobile BankID, regular BankID or be able to submit a copy of identity document

How do you become a customer of Capital

How do you become a customer of Capital

To become a customer of Capital Lender, you need to fill out a loan application on the company’s website Capital The form states how much you want to borrow.

In the next step, it is time to identify yourself and this is done either using BankID or mobile BankID, or by scanning an ID document and sending in.

When the application is submitted, Capital Lender goes through the loan application during weekend free weekdays and leaves the message without delay. Returning customers can then visit Capital Lender and log in at the top right of the website.

Does Smpengar payout at the weekend?

Does Smpengar payout at the weekend?

No, Smp money only makes payments during weekends-free weekdays. During normal banking days, payments are made to Danske Bank, Nordea and SEB directly and for other banks, the money is shown in the account on the same day if the application has been approved before. 13:00. Otherwise, the transfer will take place next banking day.

Does Smp Money accept payment remarks?

No, you will not have any payment notes or a current debt balance with Best Bank. At Lite Lender, on the other hand, it doesn’t stop you if you want to find a loan despite a payment note.

How much does it cost to borrow from Smp money?

The table below shows the interest rate and fees that Capital Lender charges when you borrow from them:

  Interest / charge
Nominal interest rate 39.3%
Setup fee 320 USD
Redemption fee 49 USD
Avi fee 35 USD

For loans of $ 1,000, repaid after 30 days, the following comparison figures are given:

  Cost / Eff.ränta
Cost of loan 437 USD
To pay back 1 437 USD
Effective interest rate 55 016.63%

If we compare a loan of $ 30,000 from Capital Lender and an average loan through Lite Lender, the comparison looks like this:

In summary

As you can see in the comparison above, you can save a lot of money comparing lenders to each other. At Lite Lender you compare 35 lenders in one loan application.

Using Lite Lender costs nothing, it goes fast and you do not commit yourself to anything by using the service. 

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