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What you should know about car mortgage credit: Overview of FAQs

Before you take a financial risk, you should know the conditions of a car loan. For this reason, we have collected the 8 most important questions for you. This way you know what you will get with a car deposit loan and what advantages it will have for you.


1. When is a mortgage loan worthwhile?

mortgage loan

Depending on the term, a car deposit loan is an inexpensive and calculable bridging aid. As a typical short-term loan, the pledge is popular primarily because of its flexibility. The unbureaucratic and quick granting and redemption enable dynamic business.

A mortgage loan is particularly worthwhile over short terms of a few days to a few months. If this timeframe is not exceeded, the car deposit loan is an inexpensive alternative.


2. Who is the typical customer for a car deposit loan?

There is no typical customer for the car pawnshop. Our customers are both private individuals and entrepreneurs. What connects them are the benefits of a car loan.

The possibility of money against a deposit thus benefits everyone equally. Customers include high earners, freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees. Everyone benefits from the uncomplicated and safe way to raise money.


3. What documents do I need to take out a pledge?

loan documents

A precondition for a car deposit loan is that the value of the vehicle is at least USD 6,000. On the agreed date, you should bring along the following documents in addition to the vehicle to be loaned and the associated keys:

For one, this is proof of ownership. Leased vehicles or vehicles with retention of title cannot be deposited as a deposit. In the case of company cars, we need a power of attorney from the management and an extract from the commercial register for the loan. We also need the vehicle ID and the vehicle booklet.

To check your identity, you should also bring a current identity card or passport.


4. Who learns about borrowing?

In short, no one will find out about your borrowing. This is also one of the advantages that our customers appreciate. For us, discretion runs through the bank. Because for the car deposit loan, neither ZEK / Schufa information is required, nor do we require information about your account balance and any current loans.

The car deposit is enough for us to conclude the deposit loan with you. In this respect, the entire process is very discreet and your employers or employees will not find out about the bridging loan taken out.


5. What happens to the vehicle during the loan?

car loan

During the loan period, we will safely park your vehicle in a garage. We also cover the insurance costs.

For the reason that the vehicle is insured through us, you can suspend your insurance. The advantage is that you can deregister the license plate over the contract term. In this way, you do not have to pay road taxes and insurance fees. In addition, a due motor vehicle inspection can be postponed by deregistering.

In addition, both the costs for liability insurance and for comprehensive insurance are eliminated. However, it may be that your insurer continues to run a standing insurance. To be on the safe side, you should contact your insurance company.


6. What are the consequences if the deposit is not redeemed?

The deposit can be redeemed just as flexibly as you can take out a car deposit loan. If you do not have the cash to redeem after the agreed term, the pledge loan can be extended quickly and without red tape.

You will receive a notification from us before the deposit is released for auction. This gives you the chance to extend the contract for a further period. We will only release it for public auction if you do not redeem or extend the vehicle.


7. What happens to the proceeds from an auction?

car loan

After an auction, we keep the contractual costs and fees. Your advantage: You get the additional proceeds from the auction.


8. What happens if the auction does not produce enough money to cover the costs?

However, if the vehicle is auctioned at a price that does not cover the costs and fees incurred, you will not incur any additional costs. In these cases, the pawnshop takes the risk. For you, this means that with a car deposit loan you can never lose more than the loaned vehicle.

If you have any further questions at the end of a car pawn loan, you are welcome to contact the car pawn shop. Here you will find all the information you need to know about car loan loans.

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